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How I can help improving TargetScan / support further development of the App?


Making software is difficult and expensive. We are a very small team and you can help us in many ways:


  • Leave a review on the App Store - simply tap Settings > Write a Review in the App or write it using: iTunes or Google Play
  • Give us a thumbs up on facebook and YouTube
  • Create a thread on your favourite shooting forum
  • Print a small poster: File:TargetScan-9x6.pdf and put it up in your club

Sample targets

We would love to support all targets being used for target shooting. When it comes to testing nothing is better than a real sample card with shot holes. If your targets are not supported or frequently processed with error please post us a couple of sample cards (write down the caliber and bullet type):

   Thomas Gabrowski
   Flat 30 Cherwell Court
   Britannia Road
   OX16 5DE
   United Kingdom

As long as the pattern is build from a set of concentric rings we should be able to add it for you.


Please do not hesitate to suggest improvements, new features or flag redundant features. Your ground knowledge is very important to us and we do listen to our users. Since there are many items in the backlog we cannot promise we implement all ideas, but each feedback helps us prioritise the work and implement most valuable features first.


Since the shooting sport has its own specialised vocabulary translations we order may not be accurate. If you spot an inaccurate translation or would you like to translate the App into your native language you can use our Translation Hub to give us a hand.