Hardware Requirements

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TargetScan for iOS

The App requires a device with a rear camera running iOS 9.0 or newer. Currently the following Apple devices meet the criteria:


In order to get the best experience use one of the following devices (image processing time ~0.5 ÷ 1.2 s):


TargetScan will also work on the following devices, but it takes longer to process the image:

Not recommended

Even though you will be able to download the App on the following devices, we do not recommend them:

  • iPad 2 - the camera resolution and accuracy is very low

TargetScan for Android

The App requires a device with a rear autofocus camera, otherwise it wouldn't be possible to accurately scan targets from short distance. While most new devices have autofocus camera it might not be available on some older devices, especially tablets.

The device must have at least 1GB RAM.

In order to archive adequate scoring accuracy we recommend devices with at least 5 MP camera.

Currently there are over 7000 Android devices supported by TargetScan.

Supported Android versions

TargetScan will run on Android Lollipop (5.0) or newer, i.e. Marshmallow (6.0), Nougat (7.0), and Oreo (8.0).