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TargetScan for iOS


Data backup allows you to keep your data safe, move between accounts or send to us for analysis.


TargetScan uses iCloud for persisting all your data. While this is convenient because you don't need to login to another service your data are linked to your Apple ID and are not directly accessible to you. This makes it difficult to transfer your data from one account to another or recover your data if something goes wrong.

You can create an additional copy which will be saved on iCloud Drive and can be used when you need to transfer or restore your data.

Creating a data back up

Simply go to TargetScan > Settings > Backups and tap 'Back Up Now'. TargetScan will extract all data and save into a single file, e.g. TS20150223-123558.bak When your device has iCloud enabled the file will be created in iCloud Drive (☁️), otherwise the App will save the copy locally on the device (📱).

Keeping your data safe outside iCloud

You can keep the backup file safe by:

  • emailing the backup to yourself
  • saving the backup file to your desktop:
    • on OS X go to Finder > iCloud Drive > TargetScan > Backups and copy the file to another folder
    • using browser, open > iCloud Drive > TargetScan > Backups and download the backup

Restoring a backup

In order to restore the content of a backup you simply need to select the backup and tap 'Restore'. TargetScan will merge the content of the backup. If you want to replace existing data with backup you may want to first delete existing disciplines.

Deleting an old backup

Backup file are relatively small, but you may want to periodically delete old backups to free space.

In order to delete an old backup file:

  • Open iOS Settings > General > Storage & iCloud usage
  • in the iCloud section open Manage Storage
  • in the Documents & Data section select TargetScan - you may need to tap 'Show All' to see TargetScan App on the list
  • open 'Backup' folder and tap 'Edit' to delete old backup files

How to completely reset iCloud container keeping TargetScan data

If you think that the content on iCloud is corrupted and you would like to start again keeping existing data you can:

  • Create a new backup on a device which contains the data you want to keep
  • Email the backup to yourself
  • Uninstall TargetScan from all devices
  • On one of your iOS device go to: Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage > Documents & Data (Show All) > TargetScan > Edit > Delete All (note that this will also delete your backups stored in iCloud)
  • Install TargetScan from the App Store on an iOS device, then go to Settings > Backups > Back Up Now - this will create an empty backup, but also the iCloud TargetScan/Backups folder
  • On your desktop upload your backup file from the email attachment to the Backups folder using Finder or browser
  • After a couple of seconds you should see the backup file on your phone so you can now restore its content
  • You can now install TargetScan on all other devices. Please wait patiently and you data should appear automatically.

TargetScan for Android

Automatic Backup

TargetScan implements the standard Android backup service to save all your data. Android periodically pulls App data and saves to a private folder in Google Drive. When you change your device to a newer model Android automatically restores data during the first install of the App. This is available on Android Marshmallow (6.0) or newer.

Creating a data back up

You need to enable data backups in Android settings:

  • Open your device's Settings App
  • Under "Personal", tap Backup & Reset
  • Tap Back up my data and switch it on.

Android will create a backup every 24h when:

  • the device is charging
  • and the device is idle
  • and you are connected to a WiFi

Managing App Backup

You can check when the latest backup was created by doing the following:

  • Open the Google Drive App on your device
  • Go to Settings and tap Manage backup
  • Scroll down the list to find TargetScan backup.

Since TargetScan doesn't store the image of each scanned target, but only shot location the size of the backup is rather small (50-300kB).

Restoring a backup

When you reinstall an app on your device, you can choose to restore app settings that you previously backed up with your Google account (via Android Backup Service). To restore app settings on your device:

  • Open your device's Settings app Settings
  • Under "Personal", tap Backup & reset
  • Tap Automatic restore to switch it on

Manual Backup

TargetScan also allows you to back up your data yourself by creating a single file on Google Drive.

Creating a data back up

You need to upload data on the old device:

  • Open TargetScan and select 'Backup' from the hamburger menu
  • Tap "Back up now"
  • Select the desired destination folder and filename on Google Drive

Restoring a backup

You need to restore your data on the new device:

  • Open TargetScan and select 'Backup' from the hamburger menu
  • Tap "Restore" and select your backup file
  • The App will merge the content of the backup into your existing data