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TargetScan for iOS


  • New targets:
    • WBSF 50m Rifle target (Benchrest, blue)
    • SvSF 50m Rifle (C30, Sweden)
  • Fix Large Title on iPhone SE, 5S
  • Refine target detection for NRA 100yd Rifle (A-33)


  • Add Decimal Score Histogram (Rifle / Air Rifle when 80% of shots are 10s)
  • Use large title for iOS 11
  • Fix iPhone/iPad data sync on iOS 11
  • Fix WhatsApp / Save to Files sharing


  • New targets:
    • NSRA 50m Rifle (MM12C BR15, United Kingdom)
    • DSB 50/100m Lever-action Rifle (Unterhebelrepetierer, Germany)
  • New ammunition:
    • 6.5mm Creedmoor
    • 7mm-08 Remington
    • .25 ACP FMJ
    • .32 ACP FMJ
  • Minor bug fixes


  • New targets:
    • ISSF 300m Rifle (International)
    • BDS 25m Rifle (Großkaliber-Qualifikation, Germany)
    • SvSF 10m Air Rifle (Sweden)
  • You can review targets exactly as scanned by tapping 'Targets' row at the bottom od Session's page
  • You can delete a traget swiping left on the targets list or using the trash icon
  • You can edit shot location of an accepted target using the 'Edit' button (requires TargetScan Pro)
  • Fix colours on the Session Report


  • New targets:
    • SvSF 10m Air Rifle (Sweden)
  • You can review targets exactly as scanned by tapping 'Targets' row at the bottom od Session's page
  • You can delete a traget swiping left on the targets list or using the trash icon
  • You can edit shot location of an accepted target using the 'Edit' button (requires TargetScan Pro)


  • New targets:
    • MLAIC 50m Pistol & 50m/100m Rifle
  • New ammunition:
    • .357 Mag LFP
    • .44 Special SWC
  • Add option to share shots data in a csv format (TargetScan Pro)
  • Add 'Beste Teiler' to the Session Report for users in Germany (Teilerwertung)
  • Fix sharing with Gmail App
  • Fix crash on launch in iOS 11 beta 2


  • Add Zoom to the target plot in the Session screen
  • New targets:
    • NSRA 25m Pistol (PL7, UK)
  • New ammunition:
    • 6.5×55mm SE
  • Add pellets to the ammo list for NSRA Short Range targets
  • Fix DSkyU 10m Rifle scoring (use outward scoring)
  • Fix missing 10x shot count on Session Report when aggregate score style is used


  • "Shooter's Diary" In-App purchase has been replaced with "TargetScan Pro" and the App allows to keep multiple sessions out of the box. The Pro version unlocks additional functionality. All users who purchased the Diary already will be promoted to Pro users automatically.
  • Rename Disciplines to Folders for clarity
  • New targets:
    • DSkyU 10m Rifle (Denmark)
    • Ray-Vin 50ft Rifle (SR, United States)
    • NRA 600yd Rifle (F-Class, United States)
  • New ammunition:
    • .25 pellet (domed)
    • .223 Rem. (5.56×45mm) FMJ
    • 8×57 IS Mauser
  • The App requires iOS 9 or newer


  • Fix bug in Heat Map calculation causing the map to be sometimes blank


  • New targets:
    • MLAIC 50m Musket (C200 centre, International)
    • TRA 90m Rifle (Australia)
  • New ammunition:
    • .338 FMJ
  • Allow to share Session Report using AirDrop
  • Improve shot detection on ISSF 50m Rifle by adding ring number filter
  • Improve pattern detection of NRA 50ft Pistol (B-3), CMP 25yd Rifle (B-19)
  • Refine Italian, Dutch localisations
  • Exclude inner tens from 10s in shot histogram
  • Fix average score calculation in Score Chart when decimal scoring is enabled


  • Fix bug causing crash in shot detection when scanning ISSF 25m Pistol or similar target


  • New targets:
    • KNSA 25m Rifle (KKK, Netherlands)
    • DGI 15m Pistol (No. 32, Denmark)
  • Improve shot detection for ISSF 25m Pistol and similar targets (ring numbers should not be identified as shots)


  • Allow to place shots manually on a blank target
  • New targets:
    • NSRA 20yd Pistol (PL14, UK)
    • SFC 20yd Pistol (No. 72, Canada)
    • SFC 20yd Rapid Fire Pistol (No. 174, Canada)
    • DSB 25m Black Powder (15 shot, C50, Germany)
    • DSB 10m Air Rifle (Kyffhäuser centre, Germany)
  • Minor UI fixes
  • TargetScan requires iOS 8.1 or newer to simplify testing


  • New targets:
    • TSC 6/10/23/30m Air Rifle (AR:6, AR:10, AR:23, AR:30, UK)
    • TSC 6/10 Air Pistol (AP:6, AP:10, UK)
    • DSB 10m Rapid Fire Air Pistol (154mm, Germany)
    • GB 7yd Air Rifle (Swindon, UK)
  • Minor bug fixes


  • New targets:
    • DSB 30m Crossbow (National, Germany)
    • DE 10m Rapid Air Pistol (Germany)
  • New ammunition:
    • .42/.50″ (Round Ball, Muzzleloader)
  • Fix muzzleloader scoring


  • Add MLAIC scoring (10 out of 13, shot centre) for Muzzleloader disciplines
  • Add decimal scoring to KNSA 12m Rifle (KKG, Netherlands)
  • New targets:
    • MLAIC 25m Pistol (Black powder, International)
    • WRABF 25m Rifle (Benchrest, International)
    • NRA 300yd Rifle (SR-3C, US)
    • DSB 50/100m Rifle (Ordonnanzgewehr, Germany)
    • BDS 50m Rifle (ZF No. 3, Germany)
    • FR 10m Air Rifle (Scolaire, France)
    • FFTir 50m Rifle (mini C50, France)
    • TRA 50m Rifle (Benchrest, Australia)
  • New ammunition:
    • 4.5/5.6mm pellets (Domed)
    • .36/.38/.40/.44/.45/.54/.58″ (Round Ball, Muzzleload)
  • Order list of disciplines by local country for easier selection
  • Improve shot overlay on scan preview


  • New targets:
    • AIBR22 50m Rifle (Italy)
    • IAU 10/30m Airbrust (International)
  • Improve shot detection and add decimal scoring to KNSA 12m Rifle (Netherlands, KKK)
  • Add .22 (5.6mm) wadcutter pellet


  • New shot detection module (less likely to detect a phantom shot on the white)
  • New targets:
    • KLSB 10m Air Rifle (Netherlands)
    • BISLEY 10m Air Pistol & Air Rifle (United Kingdom)
    • PA 50m Pistol (Australia)
  • Add 4.5mm pellet to NSRA PL14/06
  • Add 25 shots per target option
  • Allow to choose Imperial/Meric UOM (US only)
  • Drop support of iOS 7


  • New targets:
    • CMP 25/50yd Rimfire Sporter (US, CMP B-19)
    • DGI 15m Rifle (Denmark, S2)
    • SSZ 10m Air Rifle (Slovakia)
    • IBS 50yd/50m Benchrest (International, 22 Hunter)
    • IBS 50yd Benchrest (International, Rimfire) - experimental
  • Add .40" S&W Full Metal Jacket, Flat Nose ammunition


  • Add 'Course of Fire' to discipline details: you can now select the number of shots per series
  • Include 'Label' in email body and the pdf Session Report
  • Refine hole detection for .32 LWC
  • Simplify In-App purchases (just one Shooter's Diary for all disciplines)
  • New targets:
    • BDS 50m Rifle (Germany, ZF)
    • BDS 100m Rifle (Germany, ZF)
    • BDMP 100m Rifle (Germany, No. 1)
  • Update for iOS 9 and minor UI refinements


  • Fix performance problem in data migration and backup restore (when there is more than 100 sessions)
  • Refine Spanish and German translations


  • Completly rewrite data stack to improve data persistency and synchronization between devices. Your old data will be automatically migrated to the new store (may take a couple of seconds).
  • New targets:
    • BDS 25m Pistol (Germany, No. 9)
    • WRABF 50m Benchrest (BR 50)
    • TSNZ 20 and 25 yd Rifle prone (New Zealand)


  • Add Session Charts showning Score, Mean Radius, Windage, and Elevation
  • New targets:
    • NRA 50ft Rapid Fire Pistol (US, B-39)
    • NRA 200yd Rifle (US, A-21)
    • NRA 50yd Light Rifle (US, A-31)
    • SFC 50m Sporting Rifle (Canada, No. 153)
    • SFC 20yd Rifle RTS (Canada)
    • FFTir 200m Rifle (France, TAR)
    • FFTir 25m Pistol (France, C50)
    • NSRA 25m Pistol and LSR (PL19)
  • Refine the background chamois colour in Session Report for better contrast on B&W printing


  • Improve iCloud support:
    • You can rebuild data from iCloud to restore broken sync
    • Add an option to back up your data on the iCloud Drive
  • New targets:
    • SFC 25m Rifle (Canada, No. 136)
    • SFC 20yd Sporting Rifle (Canada, No. 135)
    • CMP 10m Air Rifle (USA, Basic Marksmanship Course)
    • Aeolus 50m Air Rifle (Netherlands)
    • UFOLEP 10m Air Rifle (France)
    • NSRA 20yd Pistol (UK, PL15)
    • BDS 100m Rifle (Germany, No. 1)
  • Spanish and Italian localisation
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Improve iOS 8.0 and 8.1 compatibility:
    • Layout issues
    • Restore post to Facebook action
    • iCloud support
  • Add Dutch localisation
  • Add decimal scoring option for USAS 50ft Rifle
  • More calibers for NSRA 20m Pistol (PL 12 target)
  • Add DGI 15m Standard Pistol discipline


  • Fix incorrect orientation on iPad when the App is launched in landscape
  • Improve iOS 8.0 camera authorisation
  • Make shooting position editable
  • Increase size of the "Score Analysis" button for better usability
  • Add KNSA 25/50/100m Rifle .30 M1 targets
  • Add 6mm Norma BR to HPR disciplines
  • Refine French, German and Polish localisations (please let us know if you would like to improve existing translation or help us localise to your language)


  • Update for iOS 8 and iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
  • Denote "Mean Radius" as "MR" on the pdf report for clarity
  • Add NSRA 50m Rifle prone target
  • Add GB 25yd Yorkshire Bench Rest Rifle target
  • Add DSB 100m Rifle discipline
  • Add French localisation
  • Bug fixes

3.11.0 Completely new hole detection module:

  • Improved accuracy and faster processing
  • Recognises white and blue holes
  • Area of detection now includes also corners
  • Reduced rate of phantom holes
  • Full support of 64-bit A7 chip architecture


  • Improve camera focusing, especially on small patterns
  • Calculate unbiased estimate of Mean Radius (instead of an average radius from the sample)
  • Allow 20 shot series when more than 10 shots are put into a single card
  • Display stats in inches for US region
  • Add NRA 25ft Pistol (TQ-6) and Rapid Pistol (TQ-7) targets
  • Add NRA 50ft Pistol (B-11) target
  • Add NRA 5m BB Gun (AR-4/1) target
  • Improve performance on iPhone 4 (2x faster)
  • Fix a dead lock on the landscape series view


  • Improve iCloud support and data refresh
  • Fix a crash in series view


  • Score histogram shows how many 10s, 9s, 8s is in a session
  • Navigate between sessions using up/down arrows
  • Add NSRA 20yd Pistol (PL15) target
  • Fix a crash in hole detection and improve error reporting


  • When you want place shots manually simply swipe left on the score to delete all holes
  • Shot numbers are displayed on the series review (when you put one shot per bull)
  • Add .38 S&W Lead Wadcutter to C/F disciplines
  • Add NSRA 20yd Air Pistol (PL15)
  • Add NSRA 50yd Rifle (Metric, MM8) target
  • Add 10m Bedrift Air Rifle (Norway) target
  • Add NRA 100yd Rifle (HPR, 600 yd) target
  • Add NRA 100yd Rifle (SR-21, HPR) target
  • Add NRA 100yd Rifle (SR-1) target
  • Add DE 10m Air Rifle (12 ring) target
  • Add KNSA 12m Rifle (KKG) target
  • Add SFC 20yd Rifle (RTS) target


  • Add support for iCloud. Your data will be synced between iPhone and iPad and also kept save in the cloud when you upgrade your phone
  • Enable decimal scoring for SFC 20yd Rifle
  • Add NRA 50m Rifle (A-26) target
  • Add NRA 50ft Light Rifle (A-32) target
  • Add CMP 10m Air Rifle (NMAR 200yd) target
  • Add CMP 10m Air Rifle (NMAR 600yd) target


  • Fix a crash on iPad when adding a new discipline
  • Add NSRA 25yd Rifle (standing and kneeling) target
  • Add KNSA 10m KKP discipline


  • Add ISSF 25m Center-fire Pistol with correct ISSF C/F scoring
  • Add .32 S&W LWC caliber to center-fire disciplines
  • Enable all calibers for DGI 15m Pistol (Skive M2000)
  • Add SFC 20yd ISSF Match Rifle target (No. 134)
  • Add FPT 10m Air Rifle target (Portugal)


  • You can now edit the list of disciplines
  • Assign a label to the discipline to organise sessions by the shooter's name or the firearm
  • Increase the maximum number of shots per session to 120 (additional 60 shots will be included on a second page of the pdf report)
  • Add 9mm Luger and .45 ACP SWC for ISSF 25m Pistol and NRA Bullseye targets (we look forward to feedback from you)


  • You can now edit the list of disciplines
  • Use Discipline label to record the shooter name or firearm used
  • Increase the maximum number of shots per session on the pdf report (additional 60 shots will be included on a second page)
  • Add 9mm Luger and .45 ACP SWC for ISSF 25m Pistol and NRA Bullseye targets (we look forward to your feedback)


  • Tap on the score to check how many points you could gain by moving the group
  • Improve error handling


  • Fix outward scoring for DGI 15m Air Rifle & Rifle targets
  • Reduce the number of In-App purchases (Shooter's Diary)
  • Add NSRA 50yd Rifle target


  • Fix occasional crash when deleting a session
  • Add ISSF 10m Running Target
  • Add DGI 15m Air Pistol & Rifle (Denmark)
  • Add TRA 20m Rifle (Australia)


  • Add a new Session Report (AirPrint & pdf attachment)
  • Updated for iOS 7.0
  • Add NRA 100yd Rifle (A-33) target
  • Add NRA 25yd Pistol (B-35) target
  • Add NRA 25/50yd Pistol (B-19) target


  • Fix layout issue on iPhone 4/4S (missing 'Retake' / 'Scan Next' buttons)


  • Update for iOS 7.0
  • Fix orientation on the scan view
  • Add NRA 50ft Rifle (A-36) target


  • Redesigned Sessions View displays more details: number of shots, date, and notes
  • Add NRA 50yd Rifle (A-27) target
  • Add NRA 100yd Rifle (A-25, TQ-4) target


  • You can review your shots 'series by series' by rotating the device to landscape while in the 'Session' view
  • If you use TargetScan regularly please email us your shooting data (using the 'Support' button in settings) so we can design beautiful charts!

2.8.0 Minor update with a couple of new targets:

  • NRA 20yd Slow Fire (B-4) and Rapid Fire Pistol (B-5)
  • NRA 50yd Slow Fire (B-6) and 25yd Rapid Fire Pistol (B-8)
  • NRA 75ft Rifle (A-7/5, TQ-2)
  • NRA 50yd Rifle (A-51)
  • KNSA 12m Rifle (KKK)
  • ISSF 25m Rapid Fire Pistol (experimental, we need more photos for sample cards for testing)


  • Decimal Scoring for 10m Air Pistol / 10m Air Rifle / 50m Rifle (an option in discipline details)
  • Shot Editor has a new 'Move' option for convenience
  • Add NSRA 6yd Air Pistol (Air 8) target
  • Add Traditional German 15m Air Rifle (Zimmerstutzen) target
  • Minor UI and performance improvements


  • Add "Eagle Eye" to the scan preview - you can now verify and edit shot holes
  • Add ISSF 50m Pistol target
  • Add NSRA 20yd Rifle (prone) target
  • Add NSRA 25yd Rifle Cadets & Schools (2505CS) target
  • Add NRA 25ft Air Rifle (TQ-5) target
  • Add NRA 50ft Rifle (A-17) target
  • Add NRA 50yd Rifle (A-23/3, A-23/5, TQ-3/1, TQ-3/2) target
  • Add NRA 25yd Slow Fire Pistol (B-16) target


  • Add Traditional German 10m Air Rifle target - Kyffhäuser
  • Add CCM (Canada) 10m Air Rifle target
  • Add ISSF 25m Standard Pistol target (experimental, holes are very small)
  • Add 'Tap to focus' during scan
  • Add 'Pinch to zoom' on the scan preview
  • Fix Heat Map period selection


  • New disciplines: NSRA 20yd Pistol / Light Sporting Rifle (PL14 and PL15 centre)
  • Improve performance for iPhone 4


  • New disciplines: NSRA 10m Rapid Fire Air Pistol, NSRA 6yd Air Rifle, NSRA 100yd Rifle (prone), USAS-NRA 50ft Rifle, NRA 50ft Rapid Fire
  • You can mark a discipline as your favourite to keep at the top of the list

2.2.1 – February, 2013

  • Add ISSF 50m Rifle (NRA A-50, NSRA M.M. 13/89) target
  • Add NSRA 15yd Rifle (prone) target
  • Add NRA 50ft Slow Fire Pistol target
  • Performance and accuracy improvements

2.1.0 – January, 2013

  • Add composite target image to the email
  • Add Facebook and Twitter integration

2.0.1 – January, 2013

  • Fix Multiple Session In-App Purchase

2.0.0 – January, 2013

  • Add scoring of ISSF 10m Air Rifle targets
  • Add scoring of NSRA 25yd Small Bore Rifle
  • Completely redesigned the target recognition engine - much more accurate score calculation
  • Increase resolution 0.125mm, it is now like a Scoring Gauge
  • Store shooting sessions history for each discipline
  • Full iOS 6.0 compatibility

1.0.2 – July, 2011

  • Minor bugs fixed.

1.0.0 – May, 2011

  • Initial release: ISSF 10m Air Pistol targets

TargetScan for Android


  • Bug fixes in camera handling when the screen locks due to inactivity


  • Allow to change 'Course of fire', i.e. number of series and number of shots in series (which changes grouping in Session Report)
  • Allow to choose the unit of measure for calculated stats: mm or inch for users in US, CA, and GB
  • Add UFOLEP 25m Free Pistol (mini C50, France)
  • Add .264 Win. Mag ammunition
  • Fix crash after 'tap to focus' on the camera preview


  • Add WBSF 50m Rifle (Hunter, blue)
  • Add confirmation before deleting a folder or session


  • New disciplines:
    • BDS 20m Rifle and Lever action (Großkaliber-Qualifikation und Unterhebelgewehr, Germany)
  • New ammunition:
    • .25 ACP FMJ
    • .32 ACP FMJ
    • 7mm-08 Remington FMJ
    • 6.5mm Creedmoor FMJ
  • Dutch localisation


  • Fix scoring for IAU 30m Crossbow
  • Improve performance of score analysis

5.0.0 In effort to unify functionality of the App across platforms, we bring TargetScan Pro In-App purchase (beta):

  • Heat Map - showing probability density estimate for grouping shape analysis
  • Data export (comma-separated values format)

Also in this release a couple of new disciplines:

    • SvSF 10m Air Rifle (Sweden)
    • IAU 10/30m Crossbow (International)


  • New disciplines:
    • NSRA 25m Pistol (PL 7, UK)
    • DE Rapid Fire Air Pistol (17x17, Germany)
  • Add Polish localisation


  • New disciplines:
    • TRA 50m Rifle (Benchrest, Australia)
    • TRA 90m Rifle (Benchrest, Australia)
  • New ammunition:
    • .357 S&W Magnum LFP
  • Add average score calculation to make comparison of sessions with different number of shots easier (experimental)
  • Improve shot detection for .338 and .308 FMJ


  • Fix crash after returning from landscape orientation on the Session Report screen
  • Restart camera preview when the device is waked up on the Scan screen
  • Add missing .22 ammo for NRA 50yd Pistol (B-6, US)


  • Drop support of old Android versions (Jelly Bean 4.3 and older) to speed up the development
  • Recompile using latest tools to improve compatibility with Android Marshmallow and Nougat


  • New disciplines:
    • DGI 15m Air Rifle target (M96, Denmark)
    • KNSA 100m Rifle (Schijf Woerden, Netherlands)
  • New ammunition:
    • .223 FMJ Remington
    • .44 S&W Special SWC


  • Add 6.5×55mm SE ammunition
  • Refine German localisation
  • Fix shot selection issue when a target is scanned with a shot selected on the preview


  • Include session notes on the Session Report
  • Fix scoring method for DSkyU 15m Rifle (use outward gauging)


  • New disciplines:
    • DSkyU 15m Rifle (Model 1982, Denmark)
    • BDS 50m Rifle (Nr. 2, Germany)
    • BDS 100m Rifle (Nr. 4, Germany)
    • PA 50m Pistol (BP50, Pistol Australia)
  • Minor bug fixes


  • New disciplines:
    • KLSB 10m Air Rifle (Netherlands)
    • NSRA 25yd Benchrest (2510 BR15, United Kingdom)
  • New ammunition:
    • 6.35mm / .25' Domed pellet
    • 8×57 IS Mauser (Full Metal Jacket)
  • Session Report:
    • Calculate ‘Beste Teiler’ for users outside Germany: Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg
    • Draw individual targets 'as scanned' in a new 'Targets' section
  • Increase maximum number of shots per target for mini C50 target to 50


  • Fix an issue in the Session screen for larger data sets


  • New disciplines:
    • DSB 25m Pistol (C50, Vorderlader)
  • Data Backup – you can move your data between devices by saving all sessions to a single file on Google Drive and restore the backup on a new device (beta)


  • You can swipe between pages of the Session Report
  • Add "Beste Teiler" to the Session Report for German users (Teilerwertung)
  • New disciplines:
    • MLAIC 50m Pistol (C50, Donald Malson)
    • MLAIC 50m Rifle (C50, Lamarmora, Vetterli)
    • MLAIC 50m Rifle (C200 centre, Miquelet)
    • MLAIC 100m Rifle (C50, Maximilian, Minie)
    • IBS 50m Rifle (22 Hunter)
    • WRABF 25m Rifle (BR 25)
    • WRABF 50m Rifle (BR 50)
  • Minor UI tweaks and bug fixes


  • Add support for Muzzleloader (Black Powder):
    • MLAIC 25m Pistol (C50, International) discipline
    • .36″/.38″/.40″/.42″/.44″/.45″/.50″/.54″/.58″ Round Ball ammunition
    • "best 10 out of 13" by shot centre scoring method
  • Other new disciplines
    • NRA 50ft Rifle (A-36, US)


  • Improve shot detection on ISSF 25m Pistol, 50m Rifle, and similar targets with a new Ring Number Filter
  • Add 'Shots per target' selection to the Scan screen
  • Display current target number on the Scan screen


  • Accelerate scan processing with GPU using RenderScript
  • Add .338" ammunition to high power rifle disciplines
  • Add .177", .22" pellets to Bullseye gallery targets
  • Allow to provide feedback straight from the About screen
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Rewrite camera handling for better compatibility across devices
  • New disciplines:
    • ISSF 10m Runing Target (10RT, International)
    • CMP 25/50yd Rimfire Sporter (B-19, US)
    • NRA 100yd Rifle (SR-21, MR-31, US)
    • NRA 25ft Slow Fire Pistol (TQ-6, US)
    • NRA 25ft Timed and Rapid Fire Pistol (TQ-7, US)


  • New disciplines:
    • DGI 15m Pistol (Nr. 32, Denmark)
    • DGI 15m Rifle (M84, Denmark)
  • Improve scan quality on Samsung devices


  • New disciplines:
    • NRA 25yd Pistol (B-35, ISSF Free Pistol, US)
    • DGI 50m Rifle (M90, Denmark)
    • DSB 10m Air Rifle (Kyffhäuser centre, Germany)
    • NSRA 10m Rapid Fire Air Pistol (Air 10, UK)
    • BISLEY 10m Air Rifle (UK)
    • BISLEY 10m Air Pistol (UK)
  • Improve swipe left/right recognition to move between sessions


  • Fix data backup restore on new devices


  • New ammunition:
    • 4.5mm / .177 Domed pellet
    • 5.6mm / .22 Wadcutter pellet
    • 5.6mm / .22 Domed pellet
  • New disciplines:
    • TRA 10m Rifle (prone, Australia)
    • KNSA 25m Rifle (.30 M1, Netherlands)
    • BDMP 25m Rifle (.30 M1, Germany)
    • SFC 50m Rifle (No. 153, Canada)
    • NSRA 20yd Pistol (PL15, United Kingdom)
    • TSC 6/10m Air Pistol (AP:6, AP:10, United Kingdom)
    • TSC 6/10/23/30m Air Rifle (AR:6, AR:10, AR:23, AR:30, United Kingdom)
  • Fix scan orientation on Nexus 5X


  • You can quickly navigete between previous/next session using swipe left/right gesture
  • New disciplines:
    • BDS 50m Rifle (ZF No. 3, Germany)
    • NSRA 20yd Pistol & LSR (PL12, United Kingdom)
    • NRA 5m BB Gun (AR-4, US)
    • NRA 50yd Rifle (A-31, US)
    • NRA 100yd Rifle (SR1, US)
    • SFC 20yd Sporting Rifle (No. 135, Canada)


  • New disciplines:
    • FFTir 50m Rifle (mini C50, France)
    • DSB 50/100m Rifle (Ordonnanzgewehr, Germany)
    • BDS 100m Rifle (No. 1, Germany)
    • KNSA 100m Rifle (Netherlands)
  • Add Spanish localisation


  • New disciplines:
    • KNSA 12m Rifle (KKK, Netherlands)
    • AIBR 50m Rifle (Benchrest, Italy)
  • Improve shot detection on ISSF 25m Pistol target
  • Improve detection accuracy on single shot rifle targets


  • New disciplines:
    • NRA 25yd Slow Fire Pistol (B-16)
    • NRA 25yd Timed and Rapid Fire Pistol (B-8)
    • NRA 100yd Conventional Rifle (A-25)
    • TSNZ 20/25yd Rifle (New Zealand)
  • Allow to select 25 shots per target
  • Fix distance in NSRA 100yd Rifle (1001C)


  • Improve autofocus handling on some devices


  • Allow to add missing shots on target preview
  • Allow to change ammunition type for Bullseye, Center-fire, and High Power Rifle disciplines
  • New ammunition types: .32, .38, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .308 Win, 6mm BR
  • Many new disciplines, including:
    • ISSF 25m Center-fire and Rapid Fire Pistol (CFP, RFP)
    • BDS 25m Pistol (Nr. 9)
    • FFTir 100m/200m Rifle (TAR, C50 & C200)
    • GAMO 10m Air Rifle
    • KNSA 12m Rifle (KKG)
    • NRA 25 & 50 yd Pistol (B-19)


  • Add Score Analysis screen showing the best possible score of the group
  • New disciplines:
    • DSB 15m Rifle (Zimmerstutzen)
    • DSB 10m Air Pistol and Air Rifle (4.5mm)
    • BDS 100m Rifle (No. 5, ISSF)
    • FFTir 25m Pistol (C50)
    • NRA 50yd Rifle (A-23, TQ-3)
    • NRA 50m Rifle (A-50)
  • List of disciplines shows your local disciplines just below the ISSF
  • Preserve shot scan order in the Session Report for each series


  • Add Score Histogram so you can quickly check your result
  • You can use pinch gesture to zomm the Session Report preview
  • Improve autofocus handling in continuous focus mode. You can always manually trigger focusing by tapping the camera preview.
  • Drop support of old Android versions (Jelly Bean 4.2 and older) to speed up the development


  • Add pdf Session Report (requires KitKat to create and Lollipop to show the preview within the App)
  • Add Share option (E-mail, Google Drive) of the Session
  • New disciplines:
    • ISSF 25m Standard Pistol (.22 | STP)
    • ISSF 50m Free Pistol (.22 | FP)
    • German 10m Air Rifle (4.5mm | 12-rings)
  • Improve 'Tap to focus' on the Scan screen
  • Improve automatic shot detection


  • Simplify shot location change on the scan preview
  • Add an option to mark a shot as a 'miss' by moving it outside the target
  • Improve EagleEye view drawing
  • Refine German localisation


  • German localisation
  • New disciplines:
    • NRA 50ft Rifle (.22 | A-17)
  • Fix Camera permission on Marshmallow


  • Improve aiming mark detection
  • New disciplines:
    • KNSA 10m Pistol KKP (.22 | ISSF10mAP)
    • NSRA 20yd Pistol & LSR (.22 | PL14-C)
    • NSRA 25m Pistol (.22 | PL19)
    • NSRA 25yd Rifle CS (.22 | 2505CS)
    • SSZ 10m Air Rifle (4.5mm)
    • NRA 50ft Pistol (.22 | B-11)
    • NRA 50yd Slow Fire Pistol (9mm | B-6)


  • You can now rename your sessions in the Session Details screen
  • Allow installation on the SD card
  • New disciplines:
    • CMP 10m Air Rifle NAMR 200 (.177 | AR-SR)
    • CMP 10m Air Rifle NAMR 600 (.177 | AR-MR)
  • Refine Sessions List layout


  • Add support for Android Data Backup - your data will be restored if you install the App on a new device
  • New disciplines:
    • NRA 10m Air Pistol (.177 | B-40, B-40/4)
    • NRA 10m Air Rifle (.177 | AR 5/1, AR 5/5, AR 5/10)
    • NRA 50ft Pistol (.22LR | Slow Fire B-2, Timed & Rapid Fire B-3)
    • NRA 50ft Rifle (.22LR | NRA-USAS 50)
    • CCM 10m Air Rifle (4.5mm | CCT2001AR853)
    • SFC 20yd Rifle (.22LR | No. 134)
  • French localisation